Homogenised Milk - 1 Pint

St Quintin's Creamery Ltd
£0.90 1 pt Homogenised Milk - 1 Pint

St Quintin's Creamery Ltd is run by Sarah and Peter Burdass; the Burdass family have been dairy farmers in Harpham for three generations and we made the decision to pasteurise and bottle our own milk about 16 years ago. We have a herd of between 150 and 200 milking cows, depending on the time of year. They are mostly black and white frieisan/holstein cross breds. They live in a roomy straw-filled barn during the cold winter months, but can wander out during the summer as they wish.

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The vegetables are so fresh and keep so much longer than those bought at the supermarket. It's all delicious but some of our favourites are the lettuce mix, spinach and the peppers and courgettes. As for the tomatoes they are so sweet.

— Margery and Jo

The weekly joy of the veg box delivery to my doorstep, the beauty, freshness and abundance of the produce. The smell and the array of colour of the bountiful harvest of crops. The squeak of the kale, the snap of podding broad beans.

— Helen Bowman

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