Honey - 340g

Frith Farm
£6.50 ea Honey - 340g

Honey from the hives on our field.

Cherry Bee honey is a natural product straight from the hives on FRITH FARM. Twice sieved prior to bottling to ensure a smooth as possible product.

It is advised by Food Standard Agency that honey is not given to children under the age of twelve months.

Honey is derived from the nectar's of plants the bees choose to visit and the resulting taste will vary dependent on the season and available nectar in the locality.

Different nectar's contains different types and amounts of various sugars which dictates by how much and how quickly a honey will granulate.

this is not a pro and does not affect he taste though the colour of the honey will become more opaque.

where the granulation make the honey quite firm. it can if desired, be softened by gently bathing the honey in a water bath( no more than 34 Degrees Celsius) and occasionally tiring.This will make the honey remain in its softened state for 2 weeks or more.

Soft set honey is a smooth creamy honey that does not set hard

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This will be my third year for a weekly Frith Farm veg box. The veg is outstandingly fresh and it's great to see the range change as the year moves forward. You feel inspired to cook when you see what's in your box.

— Philippa

Knowing where my veg comes from is important to me. Chemical free veg is important to me. Local and seasonal veg is important to me. I have supported Frith Farm for many years now and Frith has supported my healthy diet in return.

— Helen Bowman

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